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Relaxed and Fun Family Photographer

Children and family groups are really fun for me as a family photographer because all rules are usually thrown out the window during these sessions.  There are no set poses, number of photos taken, or limits on time.  As a family photographer I know the best pictures are accomplished when everyone is relaxed and having fun.  This is why during children’s photography sessions I make sure that ample time is set aside to get the photos that showcase your child and their uniqueness.  It usually takes children a little time to warm up to a new person, especially one who is carting around a camera with a big lens attached.  I like to  spend a few minutes interacting with the child to develop level of comfort that will allow for their personalities to shine which will result in amazing photos.  Group shots can be more challenging for a family photographer.  When multiple people are being photographed, attention to detail is crucial.  Many times multiple shots of the same pose or arrangement is necessary due to movement, blinking or eyes closed, or simply an unflattering expression.   It takes time to compose a beautiful family portrait, and this is always done without watching the clock.  Your experience with TopHatz Photography will be memorable and our hope is that we become your family photographer of choice.  Photos are treasured heirlooms and passed down through generations.  When you look at these family pictures years from now, you will be reminded of the relationships and importance of family.   Family photo collections and a la carte products are available for purchase and can be customized to your needs and budget.  We offer various print items including large canvas prints and gallery wraps, metal prints, coffee table books, albums, and holiday and greeting cards for your family pictures.  Please contact us for design and pricing information.

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